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LIVE Blog, HAWKS vs. Kings 3/17/2009

Hello members of Lunch Money Nation! Smildress and I are here ready to bring you the action from our comfortable perch atop the not-so-highlight factory. You know what this is about, so let's get this party started:

Ehlo: JS, pass me a brewski. I wanna watch the Hawks win their 6th straight in style.
Smildress: You bought Michelob Ultra Lime. In no way is that style.
CE: F that noise.
JS: Hawks in glorious HD, I'll drink some Ultra Lime to that.

And the game is underway.

CE: In honor of my favorite NBA name, I'm gonna take some Beano for each shot Udrih makes.
JS: You need it.

With 10:16 left in the first, Mo slams on a fast break

CE: Nice!
JS: Josh Smith has a white guy guarding him. Why isn't he's dominating? Oh yeah, he's spending time arguing with the refs instead of playing.
CE: 10-4 Kings with many easy opportunities. If the Hawks lose tonight I'm not gonna be too happy. The Hawks have turned it over a few times here in the early going...and it's now 12-4.

Timeout Hawks, and they needed it.

JS: Out of the timeout, Bibby throws the ball away. What is going on? As soon as I start watching, the hawks suck. I should go back to Spring Break...and I got a good tan too.
CE: If I see Smoove airball another shot, I'm gonna be furious. Oh, there's a Smith dunk...that's good!
JS: Expect the Hawks to go on a big run over the rest of the quarter. They look like a sleeping giant - Seems like they were taking the Kings a bit too lightly to begin. Smith is still arguing, I can't believe it. If this was the Josh Smith Basketball Association, he'd have 0 fouls on the season. How can someone complain that much?
JS: Smoove must have messed up his mane. I need a brush to fix my do, but I guess he can smear his hands along the top of his head.
CE: Smoove hits a free throw! Yes! Please hit the other. Yes! 2-2! Way to go!

18-11 Kings with 5:30 left in the first

JS: Mo Evans hit a good three after an excellent pop out.
CE: Illegal screen gives us my favorite Ryan Cameron saying "THAT FOUL IS OFFENSIVE!"
CE: Horford slams, a good drive along the baseline
JS: What a monster. We're cutting the lead...what did I say? We'd be up 6 at the end of the quarter. 27-19...my prediction doesn't look that good anymore. The Hawks have missed 2 dunks already and Nocioni just hit a three. This is ugly.
CE: The Kings haven't beat an Eastern Conference team this season (0-26). If we're the first, I'm reposting the fire woody diatribe from a week ago.

Shout out from us to Sekou Smith, who we just saw at the bottom of our screen. That's pronounced SEH-KOO...we looked it up.

JS: You looked it up, Ehlo
CE: I want his job.
JS: Joe's 0-7 from the field, he's killing my fantasy team.
CE: Make that 0-8 with a last second heave. Sucka.

31-26 at the end of the first. Hawks looked sluggish and like they didn't care. For a team fighting for home-court advantage, they certainly aren't playing inspired ball. Woodson, where's their inspiration?

JS: Acie's in! And he turns it over. Ugh.
CE: 5 turnovers by the Hawks. They just don't look good. You know, sometimes they look really good. Other times they look like crap. The inconsistency is what is so frustrating. The score is 35-29, but I feel like they're being clobbered.
JS: Acie passes to Flip who hits a three. I like it! Man, Nique would be an excellent coach for the Hawks. He would command respect in the locker room and his opinions seem to be right on the money.
CE: Horford elicits my second favorite Ryan Cameron saying "A score and one more!" All we're missing so far is "Too many steps"
JS: We have Bibby, Acie, and Flip in at the same time...and they're making a run! Hawks take the lead 40-39, and then the Kings hit a three. 42-40 now.
CE: Zaza with a power move off the dribble. I like it!!!! Finally the Hawks seem to have woken up. "A score and one more!" Al Horford back to the line for an "and 1"! It's St. Patrick's Day...I hope no one is wearing Celtics gear.

JS: Why don't we have any comments yet?

CE: Smildress, looks like your prediction isn't even close. Calvin Booth? Seriously?
JS: He must be one of the ugliest players in the NBA.
CE: 59-52 Hawks...I think we're gonna win this one. It sort of looks like a college game - both teams are sort of sloppy.
JS: That's the definition of a Big 10 game. Wait, Ehlo, didn't you graduate from Illinois?
CE: Shut up. 9 first half dunks so far in the game for the Hawks. This is unreal.
JS: Hawks up by 6! Looks like my prediction was 1 quarter early. No way, Smoove just hit a three pointer at the buzzer! So what if they ruined my prediction? Ugh. Cocksuckers.

Hawks ahead at the half, 68-59. We'll take a break with them. Unlike Charlie Villanueva, we won't be posting during the break.

3rd Quarter
Sorry for the delay as we had to switch hands here and I had to finish off eating the famous Smildress Quesadilla. Do not worry we were watching the game and took notice of the ref stealing the ball from Joe but sorry for the delay as we will get back to in-game blog right here with Bibby nailing the three off of Joe's dribble and pass.

JS: Did Bibby and Joe get compared to Bibby and Christie? How is that a good thing? And why can Joe not seem to handle the ball tonight as he has 4 turnovers.
CE: Wow these franchises are old. I did not realize the Hawks were so old. FLIP!!! Now that Mo is out with like his 8th foul we get to see Flip.
JS: Joe alright hitting a shot and a three point play.
CE: A score and one more!
JS: Well looks like we are wrong with that Joe play.
CE: WOW. Another dunk and alley-oop. The Hawks might set a record for most dunks in a game.
JS: Is anyone else loving this dunkfest?
CE: Another foul on Martin as he is shooting a jump shot? What gives Hawks?
JS: Smith complaining he got fouled.
CE: He is lucky he did not called for a walk. Seriously, how does he complain after every play? We are due for a dunk, it has been a while.
JS: Well we did not get one :(
CE: It would be cooler if Smith had a cool like finger-wag after he blocks a shot. It would make things more exciting.
JS: It would also give him something to do instead of actually play the game. I am actually surprised he does not have one yet
CE: They are not taking Sacramento seriously as they are not playing defense and are just having fun.
JS: As you say that Josh has another block. A carry? I thought the refs do not call those anymore.
CE: Why does Joe keep shooting jumpers when everyone else is having a field day when it comes to dunking.
JS: Kevin Martin gets fouled again and goes to the line for his 16 and 17th free throw attempts, 3 more than the Hawks as a team. Joe another turnover, come on.
CE: Josh complaining yet again, but this time he might have some real issues as he got thrown to the floor.
JS: How are the Hawks only up two? There you go Joe hit that jumper, ignore my requests to go to the basket.
CE: Hawks have 8 turnovers this quarter to the Kings none, but there is another dunk from FLIP!
JS: A 3 point shot over Zaza, Garcia shows off his poor decision making and Flip shows off his poor shooting from past half-court. Moving on to the 4th quarter.

4th Quarter
JS: Were they just playing a Spanish U2 song?
CE: I thought U2 was Spanish.
JS: Selfish Joe. Should have passed to Acie he is feeling it tonight.
CE: Why won't these Kings just go away and did Bob Rathburn really just say draino for Beno.
JS: Whew he is up let's hope it is nothing serious.
CE: He looks like he might be ok here as 'Nique reminds us that he is a tough guy, a tough guy.
JS: Does Smoove just argue with whoever will listen?
CE: Sad thing is I do not think anyone is listening.
JS: I'd listen.
CE: I just realized that Woodson calls Josh "Smoove."
JS: That could be one reason Smith does not respect him, right?
CE: Has Joe even sat in this second half? If he keeps taking it to the basket like that I will be ok with him staying out there, as it is a score and one more.
JS: A mouse in the house? What does that even mean?
CE: After pondering that saying for some time, I still do not know what it means. Joe is getting absolutely whatever he wants.
JS: Woody get after the refs.
CE: These mics in HD broadcasts are great. We can hear anything.
JS: This seems like a perfect opportunity for me to bring up my idea about a pay-per-view basketball game where there are mics on the court and we can hear everything the players are saying. Who would not pay for that?
CE: Well then opposing teams would watch that and hear the plays and cahnge their game plans.
JS: You really love to ruin my dreams don't you.
CE: Well a ref mic would be cool.
JS: About as cool as that Nocioni block on Horford. I guess this is where Joe is taking his breather. Pull all the starters, this game is over.
CE: FLIP. A score and one more. How many and one's is that? Goodness. Horford should be out of this game as if he went down we would be in bad shape.
JS: After that dunk, take him out. That brings the dunk-o-meter to what, like 18? I think Rathburn's head is going to explode if the Hawks dunk it again.
CE: McCants do not steal the Hawks bubblegum. Zaza with a midrange jumper, and that is why he does not shoot those.
JS: A Mario West sighting! With more than a minute left he will unfortunately not be getting a Mario tonight.

Ok we have to wrap this up a little early tonight as we have to head out to celebrate St. Patty's day with our Irish bretheren. And as much as I want to watch Mo, Flip, Mario, Acie and Zaza play, I'd rather drink some green beer. Good night peeps.

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