Sunday, April 5, 2009


So the playoffs are set to start in 2-ish weeks, and your Atlanta Hawks will be participants once again, albeit (and thankfully) at a higher seed than they were last year. Hopefully, the Hawks will finish with the 4th seed, earning them homecourt advantage for the first round of the playoffs.

But while hope springs eternal, nothing is set in stone. The Hawks, losers of their last 3, are 2 games up on Miami and 2.5 games up on Philly. However, they still hold the 4th spot by that margin.

So who would I rather play? Personally, I think the Hawks would fare better against Miami because I think if they shut down Dwyane Wade, they'll shut down the Heat. Unlike the NBA Championship year in Miami, there's no Shaq to help Wade. Philadelphia, on the other hand, has a few guys that can beat you on any given night.

Do I have any stats to back that up? Sort of. The Hawks are 1-2 against Philadelphia, with the 1 win coming at home (and 1 loss each at home and on the road), and they're 2-1 against Miami, with a win at home and a win on the road. They have another game against the Heat this season, on April 14, and in that game we should get a better idea of how they'd fare.

So I ask you this: Who would you rather the Hawks play in the first round, and why?

Once the playoff matchup is set, Smildress and I will weigh in with our predictions on the first round. Until then, Go Hawks!


kilmoonie said...

Without a doubt: Miami.

Philadelphia scared me even before the most recent ass kicking.

And it seems to be about 80-20 in favor of playing Miami, with the 20 being REALLY VOCAL because "ohmygod, DWAYNE WADE WON A CHAMPIONSHIP." I stand kind of where you do. We've done relatively well against Wade, and I don't know why that is. (Joe being such a big SG?) But the rest of the team is just not as scary as Phillie and the way they match up with us. Our team is to easily baited into running with Phillie, and they are just plain better at that kind of a game.

Yeah, Miami. Please. I really want to see the second round..


TooSm00ve said...

I cant see a series with miami going past game five. Thats because miami isnt a good team, thats why their record last year was 15-67. But Dwayne Wade is a great player. Thats why their record this year up to this point is 41-36. The only other person on that team that matters is Mario Chalmers. But on the other hand, the 76er's are actually a respectable ball club. And unlike us, they are playing some of their best basaketball of the season right now. That would be a potential game 7 series and I cant promise that we would come out on top. So I hope we play miami and by looking at the remaining schedules of both teams, it looks like it will be.

Craig "Speedy" Ehlo said...

From Marc Stein's power rankings on this week:

Since reaching its 50-win dream is no longer possible, Atlanta's focus shifts to the next two dreams: Beating Miami on April 14 and landing the Sixers (minus Thaddeus and Elton) instead of D-Wade's Heat in the first round.

I guess he thinks they'd be better off playing Philly...but I'm not sure why.